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Sales Pitch

A business needs a distinct mark to represent itself — one that conveys the core values and mission of the company to its target market. It must capture the eye and become ingrained in the mind of the viewer. How do you do this with with something as simple as a logo? Such is the job of the graphic designer.

Entrusting someone to help create your vision is a difficult thing, that is why it's necessary to find a designer to work with you. A professional designer invests time and energy into shaping the visual identity of your company, and thus is invested in it's success. This is something you will not find in stock logo sites or design competition sites.

My prices are reasonable and you are gaurunteed results.


The price of a logo depends on a cluster of things. I have to factor in many aspects of your company i.e. age, size, industry, budget etc. This is achieved by filling out a client brief and I will quote accordingly.

Now since I offer a premium service, naturally my prices are a little more expensive than stock logo or design competition sites. You can get a logo from those places for $100 - $500, the thing is you don't know what you're getting.

It saddens me to see people dropping $200 on a logo that was likely created in an hour. You take a huge risk leaving the identity of your organization in the hands of an amateur — usually one who has no interest in the success of your company. Wouldn't you rather have a professional with a vested interest in the success of your business craft a custom made logo/identity for you? If you value your business, the answer is obvious.

No one deserves bad design. If you're within a budget, tell me and I will tailor the quote as best I can to fit your needs.

I am willing to offer my services for pro-bono for any non-profit/not-for-profit organizations — if I believe in your cause of course.

What you receive

With me as your designer, you get the full treatment depending on your request.

I thoroughly research every aspect of your company i.e. target market, competition etc. This is necessary in the development of concepts and ideas. Without research the logo may fail to do its job.

You get a say in the design process. Throughout the sketch and design process I will stay in close contact with you and provide examples of how your logo is coming along. This gives you the chance to comment on or disapprove of the concepts.

Detailed care and craftsmanship is spent on the development of your logo. I take every millimeter and pixel into consideration when designing logos. You'll breathe easier knowing that someone is spending significant amount of attention on your identity.

You'll receive countless refinements and revisions (within reason). I want to see you happy, any changes you'd like made will be taken into consideration.

The Finish Product

You receive:
  • All necessary file formats for print and web
  • Different color variations for different backgrounds
  • Different image sizes for website headers or adverts
  • Both landscape and portrait versions of your logo
  • A small instruction guide on how and how not to use your logo

Full Branding

One day you may consider a full branding of your company. I can design business cards, stationary, cd covers/slips, DVD covers, color palettes and other company collateral. Please feel free to request any or all of the things your company may need.


I do pro-bono work at %50 or less of the usual cost. If you and your organization is in need of some design services, please don't hesitate to contact me

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